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Who is Andrea Harrison?

Andrea Harrison, owner of The Prolific Word, is a Content Writer assisting small businesses and individuals with their digital content and promotional writing needs. Andrea creates compelling stories and messages about her clients’ brands to help them draw a target audience and gain followers and/or clientele.

What kinds of writing services does Andrea Harrison offer through The Prolific Word?
She offers expertise in web content, email marketing, social media marketing, blogging, and editorial services. See details below:

Web Page Content Writing: Create and update content such as professional bios, product/service descriptions, purpose/mission data, testimonials, articles and other relevant information pertaining to a company’s offerings on their website.
Email Marketing Services: Create content for email campaigns such as company news, events, new product launches, and value-based marketing to facilitate engagement and call to action.
Social Media Marketing Services: Post and schedule news such as company milestones, professional promotions, product/service launches, event invitations, and post-event highlights.
Blogging Services: Generate content for website or blogpost articles as per value-based messaging such as instructional, informational, and inspirational material tied to a brand.
Editorial Services: Provide revision and proofreading services for digital and traditional content with attention to tone, style, and accuracy. (book manuscripts, articles, pamphlets, newsletters, etc.)

Who are Andrea’s Ideal Customers?

Andrea’s ideal customers are new and established business owners/entrepreneurs, web designers, authors, speakers, service providers, and home-based businesspeople.

How does Andrea’s business help her clientele?

Some common pain points for many of Andrea's clients are that they are too busy to take the time or are unable to communicate their value in a way that resonates with their audience. 

Clients can concentrate on other aspects of their business while Andrea generates new or improves upon existing content to keep their current followers updated and attract new clientele.

Why should you choose Andrea Harrison of The Prolific Word for your Writing Services?

Andrea stands apart from other content marketing professionals in that she works with one client at a time. Her philosophy is that by giving each client the careful attention and help that is needed to communicate their messages, she can empower them to speak to their own value in the future. 

In addition, Andrea has a varied skill set from her background in education, marketing, and publishing which allows her to adapt her writing style to match the needs of her clients.

What are the steps to inquiring about content writing services with Andrea Harrison of The Prolific Word?

A. Schedule a 15–30-minute complimentary consultation with Andrea Harrison: 848-213-5520,

B. Be prepared to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the message they want delivered?

  2. Why is the message important? (pain point it will address)

  3. Who is the message for? (audience)

  4. How should the message be communicated? (platform, format, style of writing)

  5. What is the Call to Action? (Branding awareness, build email list, product/service promotion, event announcement, news/blog, customer retention, etc.)

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