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Andrea Harrison, owner of The Prolific Word, is a Content Writer assisting small businesses and individuals with their digital content and promotional writing needs.


Some common pain points for many of Andrea's clients are that they are too busy to take the time or are unable to communicate their value in a way that resonates with their audience.


​With Andrea's expertise in web content, email marketing, social media marketing, blogging, editing services, and more, clients can concentrate on other aspects of their business while she creates a compelling story about their brands that will draw a target audience and help gain followers and/or clientele.

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Andrea stands apart from other content marketing professionals in that she works with one client at a time. Her philosophy is that by giving each client the careful attention and help that is needed to communicate their messages, she can empower them to speak to their own value in the future.

In addition, Andrea is extra caring to baby boomer professionals like herself. She has seen that many are experts in their field with years of experience yet need additional assistance with navigating the digital landscape.


"Those like myself who didn't grow up with computers, need some extra hand holding. I understand this because I've gone through it and still go through it myself. More than anything, I am a creator and an initiator. I want to be a resource that people can turn to, rather than just a marketing geek that is hired to generate, optimize, post, and schedule. Although, that is important, too!"

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