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Covid-19—Today's Game Changer For Content Marketing And How To Navigate The New Norm

There's no doubt that COVID-19 has compelled most business owners to reevaluate their costs and in so doing, shift attention to fulfilling only their most immediate needs.

Although you may be forced to cut back on certain services, marketing should always be an integral part of your business because it keeps an important door open to the future success of your company.

Whether it's retaining existing customers or laying the groundwork for procuring new clientele, marketing remains one of the key components that will determine your business's life expectancy. Although you cannot go all in like you had before the pandemic, there are economical ways you can get your message out and remain visible to current and potential customers. To begin, review your goals and strategies for the year and ask yourself the following questions:

1. What were you doing to market your products and/or services? Is it email, social media, blogging, video, traditional ads, networking, telemarketing, or something else? Maybe it is some of those or all of the above? If you were using multiple platforms, you may have to trim some of the fat. Decide on which approach(s) saved you most on cost and got you the most bang for your buck. Stick with those activities that brought you much attention, more followers and the most meaningful connections and discontinue those that are a liability, at least for now.

2. How were you engaging with your audience to keep your offerings in their mindset and how often?

If you've been spending money on Facebook, Google or traditional ads, depending on what your ROI has been, consider reducing your campaign budget or its frequency. Find other means by which you can attract an audience. Although it takes a while to see results, organic methods of reach are free. For instance, you can update your SEO with more relevant key words, gather more testimonials, and offer regular webinars or post relevant videos and podcasts to keep your followers up to date on various topics and offers attached to your brand.

3. What value that you have provided before do your followers come to expect?

Whether it is a regular blog, video, newsletter or other offer that has helped you steadily increase traffic and engagement to your channels, stay with what you've been doing. Anything else that hasn't shown a pulse in some time, get some advice on how to revive it or let it go.

4. How can you retain the same level of visibility after having to make significant cuts to your marketing budget?

It's not easy, but it is very doable, and this hardship will not last forever. Consider how you are coping in your personal life. No doubt that you've had to adjust your standard of living by becoming more frugal, practical, and simplistic. For instance, you are only shopping for essentials, cooking at home has become a constant, and entertainment is mostly confined to your home or backyard. It's not what you had envisioned but you are surviving because of your fortitude and creativity. The same can be done with your marketing approach. These are indeed unprecedented times that will call for a unique response to doing business.

In navigating these unchartered waters you may need assistance with reevaluating and renewing your marketing goals, thus generating the kind of content that will resonate with your audiences’ changing needs. Prolific Profiles 4 U can help! It begins by scheduling a no-cost consultation to start a discussion as to how we can work with you in creating an affordable campaign that is tailored to your brand to best attract and retain business during this difficult time. For an appointment, call Andrea at 848-213-5520

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