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Why Small Business Needs The Help of A Freelance Writer

As a small business owner, I’m sure you are aware that small business is the cornerstone of today’s economy, and that you see the importance of online presence as a way to promote your products and services. However, you may agree that often you do not have the time, talent, or resources to devote to content marketing. Luckily there are an increasing number of freelance writers available for hire that are knowledgeable and talented with creating the kind of promotional material that will increase your brand awareness in order to build your client base. Whether established or just starting out, many owners like you are good at what they do but lack the knowledge to drive traffic to their site or social media platform. This is when it is crucial to seek the expertise of a freelance writer who understands the importance of SEO driven terminology to draw potential customers. They know how to design keyword rich information relevant to your business that can drive traffic to your services. Some of the most successful practices are through blogging on topics relevant to the product or service being offered, generating newsletters and email blasts on new products, upcoming events and sales announcements, or providing a bio of staff accomplishments or lengthier mission statements and business plans to assist an aspiring entrepreneur in launching their startup.

According to a post by Angie Mohr for Employee of Intuit QuickBooks, existing and potential clients have become aware enough, in terms of social media, of how important that a current blog, email blast, and up to date website is in determining who is relevant enough to provide the products and services that best meet their current needs. Therefore it behooves you, the business owner to find a talented content writer who can draw an audience to your specialty by cleverly crafting a piece that will showcase your expertise. They will save you time and assure you of receiving professional, error-free content with a fresher perspective. In the meantime you can run your business without worry.

Equally, Sara Angeles of Business News Daily sees Freelance Talent as ever increasing in demand because business owners are seeing the value of it in turns of cost savings, flexibility, and passion driven talent whom are work ready as needed. In further research they cited a study from the Plato Group which has revealed that a steady increase of freelancers have entered the market. According to the study, “one-third of Americans or roughly 42 million are freelancers, with experts forecasting freelancers to make up 50 percent of the full-time workforce by 2020.”

Serena Brown, Freelance Writer and Editor with Westman Editorial supports this trend of the entrepreneur more readily outsourcing for content writing by observing through their competitors that this is a cheaper and more socially effective method that can guarantee quality work to yield more impressions and conversions. Without the stressful responsibility of fact checking, assuring SEO, and fixing grammar mistakes themselves, they leave the writing to the experts to yield for them the results.

The ever increasing demand for SEO-driven content marketing has created a growing pool of freelance talent whom are capable of crafting a blog, press release, newsletter, ad, flyer, profile, and web content that will facilitate faster and stronger connections between you and your present and potential customers. As a small business owner in today’s vast and ever-changing global network, it behooves you to understand the value of this growing pool and take advantage of the services that can save you time, keep your brand competitive, and increase your long-term profits.

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