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6 Tips for Successful Telemarketing

There are countless dos and don’ts to successful telemarketing. Although the goal is to sell your product and/or service, you must understand and respect that there is a process or journey towards that endeavor. The reality is that it is human nature to get turned off by a sales call. We have all been there, that is why it is important, as a telemarketer, to put yourself in the place of the recipient, and that means to give that person a reason to want to listen to you. Your other choice, if you can’t devote the time or it is not your forte, is to hire or outsource telemarketing specialists.

If you need a telemarketing service, look no further! Getting Ahead in Business specializes in providing individual contact to leaders in the industries that you are looking to target to increase your client base. We have dedicated and skilled sales staff that will learn your business inside and out, then work at reaching and influencing the decision makers that could soon be your customers.

For those of you who have the time and ambition to making your own calls, I have provided six important tips to follow for successful results. It takes time and practice as you learn to incorporate your own personal style but if you are consistent with the procedure, you will eventually see results.

  1. Motivation: Do express yourself in a positive and enthusiastic fashion. Believe in your branding and you will get others to believe in it as well.

  2. Preparation: Begin with an attention-grabbing introduction, continue on with an engaging middle, and close with a call to action. Be ready for objections with an arsenal of open-ended questions that compels the recipient to respond with thoughtful consideration.

  3. Timing: Plan on calling the Decision-Maker at a time you expect the Gatekeeper to be absent, such as before 9am, lunchtime, or after 5 pm.

  4. Communication: Be a good listener, speak with a clear and professional voice, and ask for the best time to follow up. It will gain you respect and an opportunity to build a trustful relationship.

  5. Patience: A sale is usually not made instantly. Be patient and stay consistent with using the concepts. As you continue this, you will begin to build relationships and trust that will create a climate to draw new clients to your business.

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